In what cases does the legal conformity warranty apply ?

The legal warranty of conformity applies to all products sold by basket4ballers, and is free of charge.

According to the current law enforced in France, a conformity defect for items sold by basket4ballers occurs when :

  • ✔️ The product becomes unfit for its usual purpose (for example, for a basketball shoe, the inability to play with it),
  • ✔️ The product does not match the description given by the seller, even if it functions perfectly (for example, the color of the shipped item does not match the presented model),
  • ✔️ The product lacks the qualities advertised by the seller (for example, a pair that is advertised as having advanced cushioning does not have the expected cushioning properties),
  • ✔️ The product has a manufacturing defect, imperfection, or poor assembly present from the outset.

basket4ballers cannot be held responsible for normal wear and tear of the products, as basketball is a contact sport, nor for misuse and/or intensive use of the items by the Customer.

Hence, all cases of normal wear and tear of an item or purely cosmetic damage are not covered by the legal conformity warranty.

For example:

❌ A scratch on the shoe collar, without impacting the pair's support

❌ A scratch on the shoe's mesh, without impacting the pair's support

❌ Gradual wear of the outsole

❌ Fade of the color of a material due to friction

❌ Material loss due to friction, not affecting the technical properties of the pair

Sources: French Ministry of the Economy