Loyalty points

For every order made (accepeted and delivered) of non-discounted product and paid by credit card, cheque or bank transfer , you get loyalty points that you have to convert into a discount code. This discount code can be used for your next order.

Paypal payments gives no loyalty point.

To convert your loyalty points into voucher code, you need to:

  1. Log into your account and go to the “My loyalty points” tab.

  2. Select “Transform my points into a voucher of”

  3. Go to the “Vouchers from loyalty points” tab.

  4. Copy the voucher code.

  5. Paste the voucher code in “discount voucher” in the first step of your order.

Loyalty points are available for 1 year and can only be used once. They can't be exchanged or refunded.

For any withdrawal the loyalty points acquired with the order are cancelled.

For any refund request of a order made with a discount code, the value of the discount code will be deducted from the amount.