About basket4ballers

Our DNA : Retourner le Game

Since 2009, basket4ballers has been committed to offering the widest selection of top-of-the-range products for basketball and NBA fans and players, from beginners to professionals.

With basketball4ballers, we strive to spread the fundamental values of this sport, such as team spirit, sharing, solidarity and surpassing oneself.

The slogan "Retourner le Game" (Turn the Game around), introduced in 2021, emphasizes our desire to support all players as they progress, surpass themselves and pursue their dreams to surpass the impossible.

shop basket4ballers Paris

These values are embodied in our various events, such as Le Brasier, a tournament organised in Paris 14th arrondissement exclusively for young players from the Paris region, and Elle Retourne le Game, our tournament fully dedicated to women, which takes place in Strasbourg in partnership with Le Basket Center.

le Brasier logo
Elle Retourne le Game logo

basket4ballers in a few dates :

An unforgettable 15th anniversary

2024 marks basket4ballers' 15th anniversary. To celebrate this milestone, b4b has teamed up with Puma for the first time on a performance pair: the All-Pro Nitro. Called Joker, this mismatch colourway pays tribute to the men and women who made the basket4ballers journey possible.

2024Collab Puma x b4b All-Pro Nitro Joker
Les Fondamentaux b4b collection2023

The emergence of the b4b brand

After entering the performance socks' market, basket4ballers, with its b4b brand, has presented its first apparel line, called "Les fondamentaux" (The fundamentals). Made in France and designed for basketball players, it proudly embodies the values of the basket4ballers group.

The opening of a flagship store in Paris

Two years earlier, basket4ballers' flagship store opened in Paris at 31 Rue de Rivoli, next to Paris' Town Hall. Offering a truly phygital experience, blurring the boundary between physical and digital shops, it's a place of innovation, such as the b4b Perfect Fit scanner and multiple kiosks maximising the customer experience while promoting the development of the Parisian basketball community.

The opening also marked the start of a rebranding of the store, with the introduction of the b4b brand, accompanied by a new logo and new colours.

2021boutique basket4ballers Paris
boutique basket4ballers Strasbourg2019

opening of the pilot shop in Strasbourg

To celebrate its 10th anniversary 8 years later, basket4ballers has taken the omnichannel turn with the opening of a pilot shop in Strasbourg. Located in the heart of Strasbourg, the 200m2 store is fully dedicated to the world of basketball.

opening of the first shop in Strasbourg

The head office and stock were moved to Strasbourg in 2011, and it did not take long for the demand of Strasbourg's ballers to increase. The stock was then opened to the public at the 5 rue de Châtenois, making the first physical basket4ballers shop.

In the face of growing demand, stock management soon had to be outsourced, which meant closing the Strasbourg outlet.

2011première boutique basket4ballers à Strasbourg
logo basket4ballers.com2009

the birth of the website

basket4ballers was born in 2009 from a simple observation: basketball is the second most popular team sport in France, but it's hard to purchase quality equipment, especially the performance pairs that are used at the highest level on the European and world stages. From this observation, basket4ballers was developed in a cellar in the Haut-Rhin, in the form of an e-commerce site.

The b4b brand

Created in 2021, the b4b brand was born out of a desire to offer basketball fans a wider range of items dedicated to the game and celebrating b-ball culture. Following the launch of an initial range of performance socks, b4b offered its first complete textile collection in 2023, called Les fondamentaux, before thinking bigger in 2024 ?

Our commitments :

Pictogramme Made in Europe

A textile line 100% made in Europe

Committed to local production and the know-how of European workshops, we produce 100% of our textile range in Europe, the vast majority of which is produced in France, just a few dozen kilometres from our head office in Strasbourg.

Guaranteeing quality and sustainability, a Made in Europe production is also a logical choice in terms of environmentally-friendly production and supply chain.

Pictogramme recycled

An eco-designed production

In accordance with this desire to minimise the environmental impact of our products, we have tried to use the most environmentally-friendly materials, such as :

  • organic cotton as the raw material for our textiles,
  • cardboard packagings made mainly from recycled materials,
  • and also packagings made from seaweed that dissolves in hot water