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Discover the Nike GT Series (Greater Than) collection at basket4ballers, featuring the Nike GT Cut, Nike GT Jump, Nike GT Run, and the new Nike GT Hustle 2.

Each line of GT shoes has its own specific features, built around fundamental basketball movements such as cutting, jumping, running, and hustling. As a low shoe, the GT Cut 2 maximizes directional changes and offers a high-quality court feel, thanks in part to a Zoom Air unit layered over the Air Zoom Strobel cushioning in the heel and React foam in the insole.

The GT Jump, a high-top shoe, is designed for players whose vertical leap isn't necessarily the strongest attribute. It's notably the pair worn by Nikola Jokic, Denver Nuggets' center. With Zoom Air systems, full-length Zoom Air Strobel cushioning, and a layer of Pebax technology, the GT Jump enhances vertical jumps while minimizing risks during landings.

The GT Run, worn by Victor Wembanyama during the 2022-2023 season, offers optimized energy return for each step, resulting in less effort during sprints and back-and-forth movements on the court. This is achieved through two Zoom Air units in the forefoot and a Nike React midsole. The GT Run has been replaced in 2023 by the Nike GT Hustle 2, which Wemby will also wear for his NBA rookie season.