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The Nike Dunk is an iconic pair of sneakers that was first introduced in 1985. Initially designed for basketball players, it quickly became popular among sneaker enthusiasts and skateboarders because of its unique look and functionality.

The design of the Nike Dunk was notably inspired by the Air Jordan 1, as well as the Legend and Terminator. However, unlike the AJ1, the Nike Dunk was originally intended to be worn by college basketball players on NCAA courts. In fact, before the pair's launch in fall 1985, Nike was already equipping the majority of top teams within the NCAA, but colleges were requesting a pair of shoes in their team colors. Like the Jordan 1, released the same year, the Dunk was therefore one of the first basketball shoes to offer various colors and break away from the hegemony of monochrome shoes required by the leagues at the time.

Over the years, the Nike Dunk has seen many variations, including Low and High versions. The Dunk Low is a lower version of the shoe, with an upper that stops just below the ankle. It became popular in the 90s thanks to its unique style and durability, which made it ideal for skateboarding. The Dunk High is a higher version of the shoe, with an upper that extends above the ankle. It has also gained great popularity, particularly through collaborations with renowned artists and designers.