"Basket4Ballers has the largest offer of Jordan products in France. "

No need to remind you, that before being a world famous brand, Jordan is fist of all the name of the best basketball player ever. MJ got drafted in 1984 by the Chicago Bulls, he directly signed a sponsoring deal with Nike, which will shock the world of sports.

Indeed, when the Jordan 1 got released in 1985, it's a revolution as the original colorway, the Jordan 1 BRED is banned by the NBA, because it did not respect the allowed colors back then. Due to this story the OG colorway has been named Banned and created a huge buzz around this legendary pair of shoe.

Nowadays, every release of retro Jordan is an event and you will find those models in the Jordan sportswear category. You will also find a complete range of lifestyle clothing, as sweat-shirts, t-shirts or sweat-pants. However, since Michael Jordan retirement, Jordan Brand kept growing with the support of Nike, the brand offers high quality products. You will find Jordan basketball goods in our Jordan Basketball category and also our range of Jordan training outfits in our Jordan Training category.

At last, as far as MJ has left his marke in the game of basketball and also in fashio as no one has done it before, Jordan Brand is also appreciated by the kids. This is the reason why we have a dedicated category, the Jordan Kids category, which offers clothing, shoes and accessories for kids from 0 to 16 years old!